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With this Website you can :

● Quickly find clothes and skills translation, replica information

● Presuming the role of the next debut, facilitating diamond hoarding planning

● SSR Awakening Stone Input Value Estimate (Is there a good-looking burst/powerful skill?)

● Enjoy the picture PRPRPR

● 愿绅士荣光永存! Glory to gentleman!绅士に栄光あれ!

2019.8.9 update log

● Enhance web page compatibility with 4K resolution and mobile devices

2019.5.20 update log

● Thanks to all the guys who helped collect the pictures,

now all the pictures in the current version on the site are 100% complete! ! !

● I hope that the beauty girls in the DOAXVV will bring you happiness.enjoy it !~

update all photo download link

2018.11.21 update log

● Add basic English translations

● SSR data for all web pages is synchronized